Free Admission Summer Kids Series
Every Thursday at 10:00am June 14 - August 16
• Doors open at 9:00am •
• Each movie showing on as many screens as needed to meet demand •
• The movie will start before 10:00am in some auditoriums as they fill •
• Open to everyone - and every age - on a first-come first-serve basis •

We will have a $4.00 kids fun pack with soda special at these showings
Each week we will designate one auditorium as Sensory Sensitive. This sensory sensitive auditorium will start at 9:15 each Thursday. We will keep the lights on, turn down the sound, and use our open caption system to display the dialog on the screen. Patrons in the sensory senstive auditorium should feel safe and comfortable about stimming or scripting during the show.
Thursday August 16

Sherlock Gnomes
Not showing in 3D
PG for some rude and suggestive humor.
1 hr 30 min

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